Change Log.

Added: disabled plugins in the Query Monitor logs also in the backend.
Fix: translation files not loaded from the WordPress language directory.

Fixed: Auto-suggestion not working for the homepage if FDP PRO is not active.

Fixed: Custom URL filters also work without the PRO version.
Fixed: Conflict with Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin.
Fixed: Plugin name not shown in the matrix if it includes invalid characters
Fixed: Options eos_dp_version and eos_dp_parent_plugin_pages not deleted after plugin deletion

Fixed: Redirection to all posts when saving a single product in the backend

Fix: Conflict with Hummingbird during the auto-suggestion
Fix: FDP backend script loaded on non-FDP backend pages
Fix: Backend page jump when clicking on an admin menu item

Fix: Plugins set in Ajax Actions Recorder not disabled (PRO)
Fix: Plugins not disabled on child pages in case of subdomains

Added: helper functions to create FDP add-ons
Fix: single post settings not updated when trashing or untrashing a post
Fix: wrong set of plugins when trying to visit a draft post as a non-logged user

Fix: FDP Editor Cleanup add-ons disabled during Ajax calls
Added: Hook for User Agents settings page (PRO feature)

Added: Option to keep specific plugins active only when specific URLs are matched (limited to 3 plugins for the free version)
Checked: WordPress v. 6.4

Security patch: The Ajax action eos_dp_pro_delete_transient was without a nonce check. Ajax action totally removed.
Added: Saving custom row order and pagination settings in Singles
Fixed: Plugin search filter not working in Singles after resetting the FDP settings
Fixed: All archives not working for WooCommerce products attributes, and on installations in subfolders
Improved: All archives are disabled if Rank Math removes the base category from the URL
Fixed: Plugin name not updated if a plugin has a new name
Added: Option in the user profile page to remove the FDP content security policy

Fix: FDP navigation cache not updated after changing the settings show_on_front
Fix: Higher CPU usage if WordPress checks for updates and FDP PRO is active
Added: Hook for the settings Plugin Conflicts (FDP PRO >= v.

Fix: Fatal error in the help page
Fix: FDP PRO update check not working

Added: Input field to filter plugins in the FDP settings pages
Added: Hook for the settings page Disable by Plugin (PRO v. >
Fix: PHP warnings and errors

Fix: solved conflict with Advanced Local Pickup For WooCommerce
Checked: PHP v. 8.2.8
Added: Actions settings page for Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights
Added: Hire Us backend page for cleanup price estimation
Fix: Fatal error if the theme flushes the rewrite rules during a page request
Fix: Auto-suggestion failing with some URLs (PRO)

Added: Any term directly in the FDP main navigation under Archives
Added: Replaced plugin slugs with plugin names in the matrix
Fix: Autosuggestion not working if site installed in subfolder (PRO)
Fix: Custom URL filters still applied if set and then FDP PRO is deactivated
Fix: FDP still working when disabled on a site of a multisite installation
Fix: FDP Content Security Policy preventing scripts from loading in the FDP backend pages when home URL containing subfolders
Fix: Row not activated in Singles settings if Post Types settings never saved
Fix: FDP navigation cache still valid after site migration
Fix: auto-suggestion issue with Permalink Manager PRO (PRO)
Added: hook for Frontend Everywhere Untouchables (PRO)
Fix: issue with the Monsterinsights admin menu item
Fix: PHP deprecated warnings
Fix: fatal error on plugin deletion
Fix: plugins slider not working for Custom URLs
Fix: not possible to save the Translation URLs (PRO)
Added: possibility to disable plugins if whatever query argument is added to the homepage URL ([homme]?* in Custom URLs => Frontend URLs)
Fix: Duplicated admin menu items if some plugins are disabled in the backend
Fix: Wrong admin menu items links if some plugins are disabled in the backend
Fix: Bulk deactivation (PRO) script not included in the allowed scripts
Fix: FDP post meta not saved with non-Gutenberg themes
Fix: Bottom FDP bar not showing the right disabled plugins on the backend pages preview
Fix: Singles settings get deactivated after saving Post Types Settings
Fix: Plugins slider not working with RTL languages
Fix: Options debugging not showing Custom URLs
Added: Hook for the Frontend Everywhere settings (PRO)
Added: Hook for the Frontend Custom URLs filter (PRO)
Fix: Conflicts with the bulk plugin activation/deactivation actions
Fix: Cron Jobs settings (PRO) not cleared after settings reset
Added: Tooltip under the plugin filters to show the list of plugins
Added: Post Types settings in the single page if they override the Singles settings
Fix: Conflict with ThemeTrust Create
Fix: No plugins disabled in the single page preview
Added: User preference to remove the FDP metabox in the single page/post
Fix: Comments section not showing in Backend Singles
Improved: Speed optimization of the FDP backend pages
Added: Pagination in Backend => Backend Singles if there are too many backend pages
Fix: Importing plugins button not working
Fix: Post Types removed from settings in some situations
VULNERABILITY FIX: Vulnerability when an admin exports the list of plugins, an unauthorized user may get the list of the names of the exported plugins
Fix: Post requests to the homepage triggering plugin deactivation according to the homepage settings.
Fix: FDP preferences shown in the user profile page also to users who can’t activate plugins
Added: Notifications center in the FDP admin top bar
Fix: Missing admin menu items with a custom capability
Added: Reset functionality under FDP Tools
Added: Detection of the Rewrite Rules update during the same request
Added: Add-ons helper functions
Added: Possibility to move the Archives and Terms Archives option from the database to the filesystem when it becomes too big
Added: Filter in the Terms Archives backend page when there are more than 30 rows
Fix: Plugin filter missing the last plugin
Added: Hook to clean up the Rest API (PRO v.
Added: Hook to clean up favicon.ico (PRO v.
Added: Hook for deactivation during cron jobs (FDP PRO v.
Added: Checkbox in the User Profile screen to hide the FDP top-level admin menu item
Fix: WooCommerce processing orders count not working in the admin menu
Added: hook for the plugin deactivation for unlogged users (PRO)
Fixed: conflict with Visitor Analytics IO during the saving process of some FDP settings
Fixed: conflict with Matomo Analytics when displaying the admin menu
Fixed: PHP warnings
Fixed: importing plugins failure on local Installations
Added: disabled plugins in the Query Monitor log
Fixed: auto-suggestion not working if Query Monitor is active (PRO)
Fixed: bug in the deactivation by Post Requests (PRO)
Improved: dependencies check for popular plugins during the auto-suggestion (PRO)
Improved: fatal error handler integration removed from the previews
Fixed: auto-suggestion not working on the servers that accept only encoding gzip, and deflate.
Fixed: backend menu items show strange characters if the backend has a language that requires special characters (Persian, Chinese…). Save the settings Backend => Backend Singles to rebuild the admin menu with the right characters.
Fixed: wrong links in some admin menu items when plugins are disabled in the backend
Fixed: some menu admin items not working if plugins are disabled in the backend

Fixed: plugin auto-suggestion not working if WordPress loads only for the current user
Fixed: warning in the backend for the sub-sites of Multisite installations where FDP is not active
Fixed: Elementor preview not loading if Elementor disabled on the page
Fixed: conflict with GiveWP in the GiveWP dashboard page
Fixed: plugins not disabled on the Dashboard page
Added: admin menu rebuilt by FDP if plugins are disabled in the backend
Added: preview with naked theme
Added: menu item for Post Actions Recorder (PRO) under Actions
Added: menu item for Source Checker (PRO) under tools
Added: menu item for Translation URLs (PRO) under Custom URLs
Checked: compatibility with WordPress 6.1
Fixed: conflicts with BuddyBoss/BuddyPress
Fixed: conflicts with UIPress in the FDP pages
Fixed: plugins not disabled in the customise preview
Fixed: auto-suggestion not working in case of HTTP authentication with nginx (PRO version)
Fixed: license status button not working (PRO version)
Fixed: issues with the 404 error pages
Added: possibility to exclude the database to retrieve the term archives settings
Fixed: conflicts with Buddyboss/Buddypress
Fixed: auto-suggestin not working with HTTP Authentication (PRO version)
Fixed: operator NOT not working for User role and capability (PRO version)
Fixed: JS script not loaded in the backend page Users (PRO version)
Added: hook for disabling plugins by usermeta value with the PRO version
Added: menu item for the 404 error page for the PRO version
Fixed: preview not working on the homepage in some situations
Fixed: WooCommerce download link not working if WooCommerce is disabled on the homepage.
Fixed: Plugins are not disabled in the search results page of the backend for the post type post.

Fixed: Admin menu z-index too high

Added: Hook for Backend/Frontend everywhere for PRO version
Removed: Staged rollout (too slow when is too busy)

Added: FDP Viewer user role
Fix: Backend Singles are not applied when searching posts or pages
Fix: Backend Singles saving not working in some situations
Fix: Remote requests not working on local installations
Fix: Some hooks for the PRO version not firing on local installations
Fix: Fatal error caused by the function get_woocommerce_currency
Fix: Autosuggestion malfunction
Fix: Conflict with UI Press
Fix: transients for previews not deleted
Fix: conflict with the PRO version when manually checking the license status
Fix: sanitize_file_name generating a fatal error in some conditions
Fix: PHP warnings
Fix: Plugins are not disabled on the homepage in some situations
Fix: compatibility issues with WPML and WooCommerce Multilingual
Fix: conflicts with plugins bulk action activation/deactivation in the page of plugins
Fix: some options autoloaded when they should not
Fix: conflict with BuddyBoss Platform when the component Forums is active
Fix: importing favorite plugins button not working
Fix: conflicts with the rewrite rules of some plugins
Fix: PHP warnings with PHP 8
Fix: conflict with Rank Math PRO
Fix: issues with the text of the top bar admin menu in case of some languages
Fix: requests to the FDP server to check for updates during ajax requests if FDP PRO is active
Fix: conflict with Enable jQuery Migrate Helper in the FDP setting pages
Fix: malfunction if a plugin is renamed
Fix: plugins not disabled on the homepage if query parameters in the URL
Changed: footer in the FDP setting pages
Added: hook for the Desktop settings (PRO feature)
Fix: PHP warning
Added: integration with <a href=””>Code Profiler</a>
Fix: conflict with InfiniteWP Client and similar plugins
Fix: dependencies between plugins not working properly on mobile and search setting pages
Fix: last columns disappeared in the Role Manager settings page
Fix: theme not disabled in some situations of emergency mode
Fix: theme setting pages not appearing in the FDP Backend Singles when Oxygen is active
Fix: mu-plugin not updated if the plugin is updated by the upload button
Fix: pointers not dismissed
Fix: FDP top bar menu cut off if many menu items
Added: button to stop the auto-suggestion process in the Backend Singles page
Added: shortcuts for the main actions (learn more at
Added: filters for FDP add-ons
Fix: loaded LTL stylesheet for RTL languages
Fix: warnings PHP
Added: Published Freesoul Deactivate Plugins PRO. Added hooks for the PRO version.
Improved: WooCommerce and Elementor add-ons disabled where their parent plugin is disabled
Fix: Rows not draggable in the Backend Custom URLs settings page
Fix: Link from a single page to Singles settings not working for custom post types
Fix: WP_SANDBOX_SCRAPING not defined if WP CLI
Added: Troubleshot in emergency mode
Added: Debug log hooks in the mu-plugin
Improved: Loading performance in the FDP setting pages
Fix: Common issues page not showing the suggestions
Changed: Default Post Types priority options on the first activation
Added: Pointers to getting started in the Singles settings
Fix: Conflict with WP Globus
Fix: Post Types settings saving process
Fix: Number of columns in the single page if many plugins are active
Restored: All pages in Backend Singles settings
Fix: Top bar admin menu overflow
Fix: JS error on settings pages without matrix
Added: Admin Top Bar toggle control
Removed: padlocks in the Singles settings and circles in the Post Types settings. Replaced them with active/inactive rows in the Singles settings.
Improved: FDP setting pages (many thanks to the suggestions given by Hesham).
Fix: mu-plugin update after upgrade
Fix: broken layout in the Singles setting page if less than 25 plugins
Improved: hidden post types that aren’t publicly_queryable
Improved: the mobile version of the setting pages
Fix: plugins not deactivated on product post types
Improved: movement of the table head
Fix: conflict with Query Monitor in the FDP setting pages
Fix: Backend Singles settings lost on saving
Fix: WooCommerce orders shown as password-protected pages in the backend
Improved: performance settings pages
Fix: conflict with Transposh
Added: single post editing page in Backend Singles
Improved: matrix design, added a slider to scroll horizontally, full screen if more than 25 plugins
Changed: Backend Singles split across multiple screens and added pagination
Added: add-ons dependencies with parent plugins for WooCommerce and Elementor
Added: single row visible alone on double click
Added: filter for the homepage, child, and parent pages in Singles
Fixed: not all pages included in the navigation were marked
Fixed: meta box still showing if disabled in role manager
Added: plugin filters in Backend Singles settings
Fixed: self-debugging message not showing if mu-plugin not updated or missing
Fixed: plugins filter not displaying last two plugins
Fixed: not visible rows and plugins not saved if page and plugin filters are active
Fixed: plugins are not disabled on the homepage if $_COOKIE is not empty
Added: Constant to don’t remove the FDP filters before the first standard plugin
Added: action icon to invert enable/disabled plugins
Fixed: Role Manager options not saved
Added: Staged rollout for major releases
Fix: CSS Conflict with the plugin Oliver Pos in the settings page
Fix: Backend custom URL rows not draggable
Fix: Theme preview not working on Archives
Fix: Self-debugging popup not showing
Changed: Rotated plugins names for better readability
Changed: Layout when only one post is displayed
Changed: Moved homepage menu item under Singles in case of a static page, under Archives in case of last blog posts. Moved the Post Types menu item to the left in the navigation.
Changed: Buttons to filter plugins already visible in case of more than 20 plugins.
Fix: autosuggestion malfunction in case of WooCommerce
Added: definition of most used WooCommerce functions if WooCommerce disabled on specific pages and other plugins don’t check properly the presence of WooCommerce
Fix: plugins disabled according to the homepage settings in case of third plugins performing ajax actions in a not proper way
Fix: plugins not disabled on mobile
Fix: FDP disabled after saving firing order
Fix: conflict with Stripe Gateway during the Ajax request to update the cart totals
Added: link to Singles Settings in Terms archives to set options for all posts belonging to a specific taxonomy
Fix: bulk row activation/deactivation on Custom URLs settings
Fix: fatal error in case of assets generating 404 errors
Fix: not possible to disable FDP

Fix: number of posts displayed after bulk action
Fix: post meta not deleted in case of wp_postmeta having a custom prefix. Thanks to Tecnico Vincente
Fix: number of posts in pagination of Singles settings
Fix: conflict with WPML
Fix: conflict with Ivory Search
Changed: design mobile and search settings
Added: possibility to disable plugins in the FDP settings page defining FDP_DISABLE_IN_FDP_PAGE in wp-config.php1.8.7
Added: tool to export/import favorite plugins (beta)
Fixed: plugins deactivation not working on Backend => Backend Singles1.8.6
Fixed: creating new plugin not working
Fixed: some action buttons not clickable on the homepage settings

Added: role manager
Added: button to create a new plugin for custom code
Added: top navigation to prepare the menu items for the PRO version
Added: filters in the Singles Settings
Added: button to restore the saved options
Changed: moved the Firing Order menu item to the top navigation
Fixed: not possible to disable the default set of plugins after enabling it in the Singles Settings

Fixed: Zoom icon repeated two times on Backend Singles settings
Fixed: JS memory leak clicking on the star icon for default plugins in the Post Types settings page
Restored: Metabox section on the single page that was replaced with a link to Singles Settings
Fixed: Singles settings in case of one post and RTL installations

Fixed: Highlighting on hover not working
Added: Buttons to filter the plugins visible on the screen if more than 60 plugins are active
Fixed: Mu-plugin running also during wp-cli command
Fixed: PHP warnings
Fixed: Table columns if plugins disabled via FTP
Fixed: Plugins may be disabled if a third plugin programmatically enables or disables other plugins
Improved: Singles settings table in case of only one single post
Removed: Metabox section in the single page replaced with a link to Singles Settings

Checked: PHP 8
Checked: WordPress 5.7-alpha-49757
Added: list of PHP files called by theme and plugins in the preview mode
Fixed: Google Page Speed Insights preview not working on archives
Fixed: Private pages not showing on Singles options
Added: Common issues and possible solutions on the help page
Added: Hooks for FDP self debugging plugin.
Added: Translation to Russian. Many thanks to <a href=””>Bakard</a>
Added: Bulk action to disable unused plugins for posts, pages, and products if any
Added: Ajax actions filter for other plugins. Included ajax actions for WordPress core, WooCommerce, Freesoul Builder, Freesoul Theme
Added: Option to build the admin menu with JavaScript if plugins are disabled in the backend (still in beta version)
Fixed: Theme deactivation simulation if a child theme is active
Fixed: Page detection in case of grandchildren pages
Fixed: Padlock option on multisite installations
Added: Allowed permalinks structure ending with %postname%.html,…, %postname%string-example…

Fixed: issues with CLI commands due to HTML comment

Fixed: issues with Polylang

Fixed: Issues related to custom post types after saving singles options in some situations
Fixed: Issues related to CLI commands

Fixed: issues during ajax activities
Added: padlock option to FDP meta box section
Added: preview buttons to FDP meta box section
Improved: performance during the options saving process
Added: automatic plugins suggestion for homepage also if last posts are chosen as homepage
Added: warning when WP Rocket combines JS or CSS
Fixed: Archive page when a specific page is assigned to the archive of a specific post type

Added: preview for backend pages disabling JavaScript execution for debugging purposes
Added: preview for backend pages including usage bar
Added: automatic plugins suggestion for backend pages
Improved: top bar admin menu when plugins disabled on backend pages
Fixed: last plugin not taken for backend custom URLs
Fixed: hover background in the backend options page
Fixed: deprecated function warning if WooCommerce >= 4.0 is installed

Improved: Unused plugin detection for the homepage (still beta phase)
Improved: The bottom usage bar includes now the disabled and active plugins (go over “Disabled Plugins”)
Changed: action buttons always visible for the homepage
Added: action button for TTFB measurement (Homepage Settings Page. Beta)
Fixed: Google PageSpeed Insights cache
Added: Empty Theme for preview
Added: Dummy HTML file to check TTFB without PHP execution (Homepage Settings Page)
Improved: Self debugging warnings

Fixed: mobile pages filter error on Singles when Specific Content For Mobile is installed

Added: Automatically close row padlock after changing row settings for Singles
Added: buttons to lock and unlock all padlocks for Singles
Added: warning when plugins for optimization concatenate JS and CSS

Fixed: duplication of the comment about how many plugins are disabled
Added: unused plugins auto-detection for the homepage

Removed: link to the plugin website from the console

Added: backend singles settings page to disable plugins and theme on the backend pages
Added: custom URLs for backend
Added: translations in Spanish (Spain, Colombia, Mexico), French (France,Canada,Belgium), German (Germany, Switzerland, Austria)

Fixed: PHP notice added on WP 5.3 when admin menu is without priority
Added: Zoom button
Fixed: Homepage settings if the static page is chosen for the homepage but no page is selected

1.6.4 (development beta version)
Added: Zoom button
Fixed: Homepage settings if the static page is chosen for the homepage but no page is selected

Added: PageSpeed Insights preview
Improved: Settings navigation

Fixed: table head offset in some situations
Fixed: CSS error on the settings stylesheet
Improved: Plugin Tests comparison table creation

Added: possibility to disable JavaScript on page preview
Added: plugin smoke tests and code risk checks page

Added: possibility to switch theme in preview mode
Added: actions hook eos_dp_after_table_head_columns
Added: linked plugin names with plugin details pages
Added: row options copy and paste button
Fixed: preview of active plugins for child pages
Improved: replaced action links texts with icons
Fixed: PHP warning if no permissions during MU plugin creation
Fixed: PHP notice if options saved last time with version older than 1.4.0

Added: plugins firing order options
Improved: custom URLs settings

1.4.7 (development beta version)
Improved: custom URLs settings
Added: Homepage tab in the settings navigation

1.4.6 (development beta version)
Improved: Custom URLs Settings
Added: possibility the override Search Settings with custom URLs Settings if ‘EOS_DP_URL_APPLY_ON_SEARCH’ is defined as true in wp-config.php
Added: disabled plugins in JavaScript console if ‘EOS_DP_DEBUG’ is defined as true in wp-config.php.

1.4.5 (development beta version)
Added: Custom URLs Settings

Added: Relevant Pages/Posts filter in Singles Settings
Added: Help tab and link to the documentation

Fixed: Issues and conflicts with plugins that save the active plugins option

Fixed: Global plugins disabling in case of Freemium extension.

Fixed: Global plugins disabling in case of conflicts with other plugins.

Added: Single post padlock. If single post options are locked, the Post Types Settings will never override the single post options for that single post.

Added: Search results page options

Fixed: Search results page malfunction

Fixed: plugins disabled on mobile

Added: plugins global deactivation on mobile devices

Added: plugins deactivation on mobile for specific pages if “Specific Content For Mobile” plugin is installed

Fix: plugins deactivation for custom post types and posts
Added: plugins name orientation control in case of few plugins

Added: posts metadata cleaning after plugin removal
Fix: archive false detection if post or page having the same slug of archive

Updated: removed unused function eos_dp_redirect_main_lang
Updated: javascript console in case of disabled plugins preview for speed optimization tests
Checked: tested until WordPress 5.3.alpha version

Fix: Row highlighting on Post Types options

Add: Removed limit of changes for speed optimization tests
Add: Post types settings overriding active as default

Fix: active plugins false detection if single files are written in the wp-content/plugins folder
Fix: Number of posts per page stability on Singles options pagination
Add: Removed limit of changes for single posts and archives previews

Fix: hidden language flag in case WPML is active

Fix: Archive settings saving process
Add: Compatibility with WPML Multilingual CMS and Polylang

Fix: Post types and archive settings stability

Added: performance meter on plugins activation/deactivation single page preview
Fix: default single posts settings on Firefox and IE

Added: post types refreshing button
Added: warning when not supported permalinks structure is used
Fix: bug if a not queryable post type with the same slug exists
Added: Terms Archives Control Panel

Fix: bug if a trashed page with the same slug exists
Added: HTML comments including the disabled plugins if ?eos_dp_debug=true is added to the url

Fix: solved bug on the front-end

Fix: malfunction on post types and archives options

Improved: performance on the backend in case of many active plugins
Added: list order field in Single Posts Control Panel
Added: default single post options selector in post type control panel
Added: posts pagination and post search field
Added: Post Types Control Panel
Added: Archives Control Panel

Modified: Global Settings Page, added sidebar and moved Saving button to the bottom in a fixed position
Added: Possibility to deactivate plugins also for archives
Added: Action hooks for the incoming premium version

Added: Page preview for testing purposes

Added: Style changes in the Plugin Settings Page
Added: Replaced ‘edit_posts’ with ‘activate_plugins’ as the capability to activate/deactivate plugins

Added: Taxonomies and terms filter in the settings page
Added: Settings link to the plugin action links

Fix: Solved loading admin stylesheet on new posts and pages editing screen

Fix: PHP notices in customize preview
Fix: PHP notices in debug log file

Fix: solved malfunction with custom post types
Fix: solved malfunction with child pages
Added: mu-plugin update when it is required by the new version

Fix: solved header already sent message on activation

Fix: solved style issue on Firefox
Fix: solved metaboxes options saving issue

Improved translations in Italian and German
Improved plugin general options
Improved single page and post metaboxes settings

Added redirection to the options page after plugin activation
Improved plugin general options

Added support for all custom posts that are publicly queryable
Added plugin general options page and admin submenu under plugins menu
Loading translation files in the base of user locale and not anymore in the base of site locale
Removing of Freesoul Deactivate Plugins from the deactivation options in post metaboxes

Translated in Italian

Translated in German

Initial Release
Fix: Conflicts with Divi and Hummingbird PRO
Added: Possibility to unload any assets (Miscellaneous => Remove Assets)
Fix: Out of memory on the Logged Users page when there are too many users
Enhanced: License key replaced with star symbols on the license page
Enhanced: Hire Us backend page hidden for PRO users
Added: Deactivation by User Agent (required FDP v. > 2.1.7)
Fixed: Ajax recorder malfunction
Added: WooCommerce Blocks Style in General Bloat
Added: Remove Cookies from static resources in General Bloat
Added: Plugin Conflicts settings page (disable specific plugins when a certain plugin is active)
Fix: Bulk actions and Source Checker pages not showing
Added: By Plugin settings page (disable specific plugins when a certain plugin is disabled)
Fixed: PHP warnings
Fixed: License menu item not showing
Added: Possibility to disable plugins if a specific plugin is disabled
Fixed: Conflict with Hummingbird in the CSS/JS settings pages
Fixed: License not working

Fixed: Exporting FDP options
Added: Frontend Everywhere Untouchables
Added: Possibility to disable plugins everywhere in the frontend
Added: Possibility to block spam comments for blog posts and pages (General Bloat)
Added: Possibility to unload all the plugins and the theme if favicon.ico is not found in the main directory and WordPress redirects to the favicon image (General Bloat)
Added: Possibility to defer WooCommerce transactional emails (General Bloat)
Added: Star symbol in Custom URLs to dequeue CSS/JS everywhere
Fixed: Custom URLs in CSS/JS cleanup
Added: Rest APIs cleanup
Added: Plugins and theme deactivation when favicon.ico is called (General Bloat)
Added: plugins deactivation during cron jobs
Fixed: issue with the Heartbeat
Added: plugins deactivation for unlogged users (it needs FDP
Fixed: conflict with Query Monitor and the Source Checker functionality
Fixed: error triggered after the activation of any plugin when the FDP free version is disabled
Fixed: error triggered by the settings CSS/JS
Improved: mobile and desktop settings are not affected by automatic bulk actions if the new plugin activated
Fixed: error triggered when scripts moved to the head
Fixed: Update notification for FDP free not showing if the update notification for some plugins is set
Fixed: PHP warnings saving Plugin Settings
Fixed: Some Ajax backend activities not working
Fixed: Plugin auto-suggestion not working if WordPress loads only for the current user
Added: Translation URLs under Custom URLs (it needs FDP v. 1.9.3)
Added: The tool Source Checker under Tools (it needs FDP v. 1.9.3)
Added: Transient dirsize_cache removing in General Bloat
Checked: Compatibility with WordPress 6.1
Added: Terms in the JS/CSS assets manager
Fixed: JS/CSS page title not right in the WooCommerce shop page
Fixed: JS/CSS not unloaded in the WooCommerce shop page
Fixed: License activation not working
Fixed: Local installation false detection

Added: Backend everywhere settings page

Fix: Fatal error triggered by global view in CSS/JS cleanup
Fix: Autoload settings malfunction in local environments

Added: duotone filter SVGs bloating the HTML removed if Global Style disabled in the General Bloat settings
Added: settings to manage the autoload of the options for core, theme, and plugins

Added: Global style deactivation in General Bloat
Fix: Wrong disabled plugins false detection after saving single post or page
Fix: WooCommerce ajax actions not recorded
Fix: Daschicons not loaded on hooks page if top bar disabled
Fix: New plugin not deactivated everywhere if email notification not set
Added: Hooks recorder (Tools icon => Hooks Recorder) to record all the hooks that fire during an activity (form submission, post saving, page loading…)
Added: plugins deactivation for desktop users (it requires FDP v. and above)
Fix: warning and email about disabled plugins for WooCommerce orders and other post types that are not publicly queryable
Fix: “Has bought” not added to the conditions for logged users in the Users settings page
Added: FDP PRO ajax recording actions to disable plugins during the recording of custom ajax actions
Added: Heartbeat interval in General bloat
Added: Maximum number of allowed revisions in General bloat
Fix: PHP warnings
Improved: removed heartbeat from the list of recorded actions
Added: Auto-suggestion in the term archives
Added: Plugin settings page

Added: Development mode

Added: Google fonts deactivation

Added: General bloat deactivation

Added: plugins deactivation by user

* Initial Release