Custom URLs, how to deactivate plugins by custom URL

With the custom URL Settings you can disable plugins based on the page URL.

Use the star “*” as replacement of groups of characters.

E.g. http://localhost/freesoul_development*example/ will fetch URLs as http://localhost/freesoul_development/an-example/, http://localhost/freesoul_development/another-example/…

You can use these options to disable plugins by URL query arguments. E.g. *?example-paramameter=true* will fetch URLS as http://localhost/freesoul_development?example-paramameter=true, http://localhost/freesoul_development/page-example/?example-paramameter=true…

With the PRO version, activating the filter as shown in the following picture, the plugins that are unchecked on the row will be disabled when the URL matches the pattern, but the active plugins will be chosen taking into account also all the other FDP settings (Singles, Post Types…).

Let’s do an example to clarify how it works.
As shown in the picture above, the plugins Query Monitor, All In One WP Migration, All In One WP Migration Unlimited Extension, and All Pages In Customize are disabled when the URL includes /blog, hence https//
This is like to say: for this kind of URL never load those plugins. You are not saying which plugins have to be loaded, only which ones should not be loaded when the URL matches the pattern */blog.

If the filter wasn’t active, then FDP would load exactly the plugins which are checked on that row, no matter the other settings like Singles, and Post Types.