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FDP | Example of how to deactivate plugins on specific pages

Are you stuck with many heavy plugins that you need on your website?

Are some of them even having conflicts with each other?

Does debugging and optimizing feel tiresome and take a long time?

With Freesoul Deactivate Plugins you can keep the plugins active only on the pages where you need them.
Load your website faster
a pro

Only load plugins where you need them

  • Never again be worried about the number of plugins.
  • You can still have a fast website having hundreds of plugins.

Have you ever thought about this?:

Why should you load the code of your contact form on all your pages?

Why should you load the code of your slider on all the pages where you have no sliders?

How much faster do you think your website would be if you would not load the code of your shop on every page?

Do you really need all of them everywhere?

Disable the plugins on pages where you don’t need them!

Normally WordPress loads all the active plugins on all pages.

No matter if you have a contact form only on your contact page, the code of your contact form plugin will run everywhere.

If you have dozen of active plugins, their code will run on all pages.

FDP gives you the possibility to disable specific plugins on specific pages, both in a permanent way and for preview.

Disabling a plugin with FDP doesn’t mean only dequeuing its scripts and stylesheets. FDP also removes all the database queries, and the plugins that you disable on a specific page, will not exist on that page.  The PHP code of disabled plugins won’t run either.

It will be the same as you disable plugins on the page of plugins, the only difference is that with FDP you can do it selectively, by page, post type, archive, device, ajax action, and custom URL.


Take full control of your plugins.

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