Import/Export settings

In Freesoul Deactivate Plugins => Tools => Import/Export, you can import or export the plugin settings.

This feature is available only for PRO users.

It’s useful if have a staging environment where you test some settings and then you want the same settings on the live site.

Both for importing and exporting the settings you need to define a migration key.

It may be a little annoying, but this is to avoid importing the wrong settings. If you import the wrong settings on the live site it would be a disaster. Imagine the wrong set of plugins that are disabled because you imported the wrong settings.

The migration key to import the settings must be the same key that you used for exporting those settings. Doing so, only the same person who exported the settings and who knows the migration key will be able to import the settings.

You can assign also a very easy migration key, but you need at least a migration key.

To export the settings:

  • Select the settings that you want to export
  • Click on “Export actual settings”

To import the settings:

  • Select the settings that you want to import
  • Click on “Import settings”
  • Select the file that was created when you exported the settings

Of course, the previously exported settings have to contain the settings that you want to import.