How to keep a specific plugin only on specific pages?

Is it possible to have a plugin just activated for a specific page and have it deactivated on all other pages?

Yes, with Freesoul Deactivate Plugins PRO it’s possible to keep active a plugin only on a specific page and disable it on all other pages.
Let’s give an example. Let’s suppose you want the plugin Sample-Plugin active only on the page Sample-Page, and Sample-Page is reachable with the URL
In this case, to keep active Sample-Plugin only on Sample-Page, you can:

  • Go to Custom URLs => Frontend URLs
  • Add a row with the pattern *sample-page and keep active only those plugins that you want on that page
  • Add a row with the pattern *, activate the filter, and disable plugin Sample-Plugin
  • Save the changes

See the picture below for more clarification.

It’s important that on the row where you use the pattern “*” you activate the filter.
The second row (with only *) means disable Sample-Plugin everywhere and consider also the other FDP settings (because the filter is active).
The first row means “on all the URLs that include sample-page, disable exactly the plugins that are disabled on this row”. This row will have priority, but it will be parsed only when the URL includes sample-page.