How to check which plugin is causing issues in 1 minute

Would like to see how a specific page of your WordPress site would be enabling or disabling a specific plugin or switching to another theme?

With Freesoul Deactivate Plugins you can do that in one minute.

In the video above, the plugin Contact Form 7 is causing a fatal error, and the web page is not displayed at all. Looking at how the page would be disabling specific plugins and switching to the default WordPress theme, you will quickly find the guilty.

You can do all this with Freesoul Deactivate Plugins in preview mode, without showing to the rest of the world what you are doing, but most of all a lot faster then disabling plugins and switching to the default WordPress theme in the conventional way.

So, to check which plugin is causing issues on a specific page:

  • Install and activate Freesoul Deactivate Plugins if you don’t have it yet
  • Go to the Singles settings
  • Disable all plugins and select a default WordPress theme on the row related to the page you want to check
  • Click on the preview icon
  • If the problem is not solved, neither the plugins nor the theme are the guilties. Check the .htaccess file and reinstall WordPress after making a back-up
  • If you don’t see any issues, go back to your theme and press the preview icon, and check if the theme is guilty
  • Repeat activating a plugin after the other and checking the preview clicking on the preview icon until you don’t find the guilty